Lazarus. Новый релиз.

29.05.2006 http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org

Пишет Vincent:

Команда Lazarus рада представить новую версию - 0.9.16. Эта версия базируется на fpc 2.0.2.

Скачать его можно со страницы sourceforge

Подробный список изменения (англ):

changed project output file: if target filename is set, it is now
always relative to the project directory
renamed TreeNodes.Items to TTreeNode.Item
changed TImageList.Add to use AddCopy instead of AddDirect
set button/bitbtn borderspacing.innerborder to 4
IDE Online Help for IDE windows: half of the windows are already
documented. The rest will probably follow in the next weeks.
implemented IDE Online Help for fpc messages using the
fpc comment file (errore.msg) and the custom pages in the wiki
Help for LCL applications: The LCL now has a help system and there are
two components: THTMLHelpDatabase and THTMLHelpBrowserViewer.
See examples/helphtml/ and the wiki on how to use html pages as help
for your application.
The default is to use F1 as help key. To disable this use
New codetools feature: parameter hints
Move cursor on a procedure call and press Ctrl+Shift+Space
to show a hint window with the procedure and parameter declaration.
In the keymapping the shortcut is called
Codetools Commands -> 'Show code context'
added TFindDialog, TReplaceDialog from Aleksey Lagunov
They can be found in the component palette under dialogs.
implemented Replace in files:
Find in files dialog now has a replace option.
wince interface: TArrow, TImage, TSpinedit, TChecklist, TStatusbar,
TListview, TProgressbar, TToolbar(oldtoolbar), TTrackbar,
TScrollingwindow, TScrollbox, TGroupbox, TCombobox from Roozbeh
qt interface: many improvements from Felipe and Giuliano
XML streaming: There are now functions to save/load components
to/from xml documents. See examples/xmlstreaming/
New IDE menu item:
designer -> right click -> popup menu -> Save form as xml
added flag DisableCWString. Some older systems do not have the
needed libraries. For example FreeBSD 4.0.
When you get the linking error:
(.text+0x460): undefined reference to `towlower'
Compile lazarus with -dDisableCWString.
changed install directory for FreeBSD to /usr/local/lazarus
implemented Canvas.DrawFocusRect in windows and gtk (issue 2095)
TComboBox: calls OnChange if OnSelect is not set
moved ideintf/helphtml.pas to lcl/lazhelphtml.pas
moved ideintf/helpintf.pas to lcl/lazhelpintf.pas
moved ideintf/configstorage.pas to lcl/lazconfigstorage.pas
TCustomEdit now tries to keep the selection position after replacing
the selection from Colin
IDE now checks, if all files of the package exists on each compile.
fpcunit: feedback and progress animation during testing from Graeme
implemented dbgrid.SelectedRows (issue 1849)
TSpeedbutton now has transparent from Darek
published some Font properties, that now works under win32 and gtk1
codetools directory values: added treeview and memo to view the
templates and how they were parsed. For example:
Source Editor -> right click -> popup menu
-> unit info -> show codetools values
added CalendarPopup for DateEdit
windows installer scripts: ldw and asw are not needed anymore
added scripts for making macosx snapshots
added gtk TMemo font and color implementation from Darek
added default session if no .lps file found. A project without
session information will open the main unit, like a new project.
implemented setting TBitmap.TransparentColor
added {$inline on} so that building lazarus does not depend on -Si in
win32 interface: use ownerdrawn menu items, so images can be shown
forms used by the LCL and created by the designer are now in lcl/forms
better support by the codetools for browsing the wince RTL source.

and several hundred bug fixes and minor changes.

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